Surfing Baja : Punta Abreojos

I love Punta Abreojos which is located north of San Ignacio Lagoon on Baja’s Pacific Coast. It is a great place to do conservation, surf, and enjoy the best of wild Baja with a great village inhabited by people who protect their coastal and marine resources and love to surf. These are some images from our trip to Punta Abreojos in September to hold a regional surf championship for fishermen-surfers and their children.

Finalists for the Open Division of the 7th Annual Punta Abreojos Surf Contest

Serge Dedina and Punta Abreojos fishermen and conservationist Isidro Arce.

Ben McCue checks an empty wave in Abreojos.

This is what makes Punta Abreojos so special--a community of surfers and kids who love the beach and surfing.


  1. thank you!!!!!!! BEAUTIFUL OCEAN AND PEOPLE!!! :):):)!! Ho-e

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