Book Tour




I look forward to coming to a bookstore and city near you.

JANUARY 24: Coronado Library Winn Room, 2-3pm.

JANUARY 24: Pier South Resort, 6-7:30pm.


  1. Paul Jorgensen says:

    My condolences re your mom. I know Patricia M respected her greatly. She helped me with an important legal matter at a delicate time. Regards to Emily
    Paul Jorgensen

    • Thanks Paul!! I appreciate it. And thanks for your comment on my book. I am finishing up a book tour of southern Baja (cape region and La Paz) tonight. As part of my book talk I illustrate the role that the conservation of the Tijuana Estuary had in my own career. It is also great to know that we helped make the Sloughs reef a marine protected area.

  2. Just finished the book last week. Wonderful! Surfing CAN change the world 😉

  3. Kirsten Aimee LeDoux-Heatherly says:

    Serge, congrats on book! Wondering if you have heard from R.A. El Pirata, lately.

  4. Keith Boyer says:

    Hey Serge,

    Great Op-Ed on having beaches accessible for all. I live in New Jersey and regretfully will advise that our beaches are not for free. Sounds crazy? Yes…beach towns in New Jersey will charge between $7 to $15.00 per day for a beach badge. Residents are offered a seasonal beach badge at a reduced cost. However, some residents may be living paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford this option. In principal, one can argue this practice can be compared to the old ‘Jim Crow’ laws from the South. Take Asbury Park…developers have snatched up beachfront property to build condos, a posh hotel and other commercial offerings. Revenues from high property taxes and tourism are stellar , yet the town charges for a daily beach badge. I have witnessed in where people of color who live Asbury Park will hit the beach after 4PM once the lifeguards and beach badge checkers leave for the day. Towns will argue that the revenue from beach badges are used to pay for staffing and beach maintenance. This is true per NJ statue which pretty much prohibits funds going into other buckets. However, if Asbury Park per se takes in a few million every year…how much is really trickling down to the seasonal lifeguard and retiree who is selling the beach badge? I have been to the San Diego beaches and left with a positive impression in how all can enjoy simple joy.

    Thanks for reading…

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