Book Tour




I look forward to coming to a bookstore and city near you.

JANUARY 24: Coronado Library Winn Room, 2-3pm.

JANUARY 24: Pier South Resort, 6-7:30pm.


  1. Paul Jorgensen says:

    My condolences re your mom. I know Patricia M respected her greatly. She helped me with an important legal matter at a delicate time. Regards to Emily
    Paul Jorgensen

    • Thanks Paul!! I appreciate it. And thanks for your comment on my book. I am finishing up a book tour of southern Baja (cape region and La Paz) tonight. As part of my book talk I illustrate the role that the conservation of the Tijuana Estuary had in my own career. It is also great to know that we helped make the Sloughs reef a marine protected area.

  2. Just finished the book last week. Wonderful! Surfing CAN change the world 😉

  3. Kirsten Aimee LeDoux-Heatherly says:

    Serge, congrats on book! Wondering if you have heard from R.A. El Pirata, lately.

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