Real Baja

There is something about the remote parts of the Baja California peninsula that remind us of what a wild coast is supposed to be. These images are by Zach Plopper from a recent trip we did to survey a national park in Baja California. Luckily we had a good tent to survive the harsh Santa Ana winds that hit.


Serge Dedina dawn patrols remote Baja/Photo: Zach Plopper

WilLDCOAST Base camp in remote Baja/Photo: Zach Plopper

Baja campfire/Credit: Zach Plopper

San Miguel, A Crazy Surfer Girlfriend, and the Coolest Taco Stand in Baja Norte

Since WiLDCOAST, the organization I run has an office in Ensenada, today I spent the day there.

Luckily the day was not all work.

Zach Plopper, Ben McCue and I left Imperial Beach early, crossed the border and surf checked the TJ-Ensenada coast.

We settled on  San Miguel for a no-crowd 2-3′ crystal clear water very fun session. The water was warm for northern Baja (64 or so).

There was not a single other surfer out on the entire TJ-Ensenada coastline.

I mean nadie. No one. Nobody.


I love surfing San Miguel with no crowd. You pay $5.00 to park. The bathrooms and shower area are clean. There is no trash.

All in all what Baja Norte is supposed to be.

But no longer is.

As we left the water, a bodyboarder was heading out. He had parked his Suburban next to the WilDCOAST Tacoma. Inside was his lady friend or wife.

She was crazy.

Apparently she was angry at the boyfriend for being in the ocean.

So she got in the driver’s seat of the car, started it up and proceeded to spin in circles around the San Miguel parking lot.

Start and Stop.Drive in a circle. Start and Stop. Punch the gas. Drive in a cirlcle. Start and Stop.

We hauled ass out of there before she decided to drive into us.

No matter where you are in Baja there is always something interesting happening.

Now after a fun session at San Miguel, what is the best breakfast option?

Tacos El Trailero por supuesto!!

Zach and Ben scarfed some carne asada tacos at Baja Norte’s best taco stand in El Sauzal.

You know it is good when all the Baja1000 teams have plastered their stickers all over the place.

Trust the desert racers.

After a day of meetings (and the great news that our Condor Conservation Team had won a national conservation award in Mexico), the boys decided to stop once again at El Trailero.

Viva los Tacos!

Viva Baja!

On the Road in Baja

We are on the road in Baja with Chris del Moro of Surfers for Cetaceans.

And shocked to hear the news about the death of Andy Irons. Baja is as always a welcome respite from civilization.

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