El Hijo del Santo Fights for Cabo Pulmo

The Lucha Libre El Hijo del Santo appears in m...

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In Mexico, there is no greater living legend than lucha libre star El Hijo del Santo.

In the ring he fights the bad guys.

In real life he saves the coast and ocean.

El Hijo del Santo has been the main spokesperson for WiLDCOAST for the past three years.


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And in our most serious fight, we have been trying to stop the Spanish resort developer Hansa Urban from destroying the fragile Cabo Pulmo coral reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Mexican National Park, from being obliterated by a giant new resort-city on the East Cape, on the park’s boundary.

So our team went to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup and unleashed El Santo.

Can you say GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Santo scored for Cabo Pulmo!!

Thanks Santo

Surfing Baja : Scorpion Bay

Of all the spots in Baja, there is probably no other more iconic break than southern Baja’s Scorpion Bay in the Pacific fishing village of San Juanico.

San Juanico has now become the Malibu of Baja. With three main points and a variety of even more reefs that break on select swells, there is plenty of surf here for the growing population of American expats (at times it feels like a surfer retirement village) and legions of visiting surfers.

Back in 2003, WiLDCOAST helped to stop a planned marina here that would have had a huge impact on surfing in the area–the main source of income besides fishing for the now fairly well off (by Baja Sur standards) community.

This summer, the boys and I took a close to 3,000 mile r/t tour of Pacific Baja and the East Cape. We had a lot of fun at our early summer stop at San Juanico.

The water was cold though–about 58-60–but there were virtually no crowds.

If you want to experience real Baja, avoid Scorpion Bay during the height of the summer south swell season. But for off-peak off season days it is a fun spot, especially if you have kids and a spouse that likes clean restrooms and hot showers.

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