Barrels for Breakfast

Went up to Newport/Irvine for a conference on the Arctic Environment on Thursday afternoon.

Thursday morning was one of those classic So Cal days. Surf 3-4′ mixed WNW swell. Nice A-frames up and down the beach. Santa Ana skies. A mellow local crowd.

Everyone was stoked.

Matt Wilson said we were having, “Barrels for breakfast.”

Or according to Billy D. via Zach Plopper the waves were “typewriting.”

Since I am arguably one of the world’s clumsiest tuberiders, it was nice to have John Ashley send me this photo of me off of I.B. Blvd from Thursday’s dawn patrol.

Don’t judge the hand near the nose(although Zach calls this a “tripod barrel”). Just remember I am a 46-year old 6’4″ 210lb middle aged guy trying to impress my groms by once in a while getting a good one. And that is as good as it gets.

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