A Day at Trestles

We had a surfing “exchange” student spent a few weeks with us this summer. Eneko, 16, hails from the Spanish-French border city of Hendaye and thoroughly enjoyed his time in California. On his last afternoon we hustled up to Trestles to catch a new southwest swell. While Imperial Beach was small, blown out and closed out, Lowers was firing, with a bevy of pros to inspire the boys. It was a fitting end to Eneko’s trip that he called, “The best experience of my life.”

They surfed hard.

Daniel on a left. The waves were perfect A-frames.


Pro surfer and Trestles local Tanner Gudauskas was shredding.


Josh puts it on a rail.

WCT surfer Heitor Alves was ripping. He made this.

Alves couldn’t have been nicer. Eneko (left) and Israel (right) were stoked. There are very few sports in which boys can compete in the same venue as their heroes.


  1. Serge
    I know this might sound weird. I am browsing through the Internet to see if I can find something of an exchange student program for young surfers eager to share more than surfing, and I have found your article.
    It is aimed at my youngest son, aged 13, also from the Basque Country ( bilbao) who has been taking both English and surfing as games since his very early stages. He is a well travelled boy and very mature for his age. He is pushing me to send him over there with the aim of bringing back a friend of his age to share our house also with him during the summer.
    Do you happen to know where I can shoot for this purpose?
    Here is my email
    Have a great day and
    thanks for just reading this

    • Hi Ramon:

      Not sure-maybe through Surfline.com or Surfermag message board.
      You can also look into surf camps in Southern California for the summer. YMCA Camp Surf might have a surfing camp–but I think there might be other ones too.

  2. Hello. Fantastic page. What is the last name of your student Eneko? I’m her fan ♥

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