Coronado 4th of July Roughwater Swim

The start of the 18-under mile swim.

On July 4th, my sons and I competed in the 54th Annual Coronado Roughwater Swim. The one mile ocean swim race is a great time and yesterday was a challenging race. Due to a persistent and pesky southwest wind, lots of little waves didn’t make for an easy swim.

But we persevered. My oldest son Israel won the 18-under division. My youngest Daniel came in second in his 14-under division. I placed 3rd in the 41-Over division.

Israel winning the 18-under division.

A great showing and a run race.

Daniel placing second in the 14-under division.

Here I am at the start of the Open division. The woman in the blue to my right is a former Penn State swimmer and won the race!


Back in 2005 I became very ill from a thyroid and immune system disorder. It took me years to climb out of the hole of ill-health I fell into, so returning to form and doing well in local races is something that brings me great joy. I love competing in these races–everyone is stoked, fired up, passionate and having a great time. I’ve worked very hard to get back my health–it is an ongoing process and uphill at battles at times–but it is worth it!

The boys beat me by 2 and 3 minutes respectively. I had just finished my race and they had finished about ten minutes earlier and didn’t even seem tired. I was beat.

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