Hydrodynamica Exhibit Opening

An eclectic crew of surfing legends, shapers, and historians from Coronado and around Southern California attended the opening Saturday evening of Hydrodynamica: Remember the Future at the Space 4 Art in the East Village (325 15th Street, San Diego)

The exhibition on the surfing legacy and influence of Bob Simmons, was curated by Richard Kenvin and Mark Weiner, includes pieces from the collection of Coronado resident John Elwell, and is on display through March 9th.

Surf historian John Elwell witih pieces from his Simmons collection.

Curator and San Diego surfing legend Richard Kenvin.From left to right, Kevin Stuckey, Jeff Knox, John Elwell and Israel Dedina.

Surf designer and innovator Carl Eckstrom with legendary surf photographer Tom Keck.


Kevin Stuckey, Jeff Knox, John Elwell and Israel Dedina

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