Paris in the Fall

I spent a weekend in Paris with my father in October 2011 after I attended the Global Wave Conference in the Basque County. The short visit including seeing my familys tour of my favorite neighborhoods including the Ile Saint-LouisLeft Bank, Le Marais, Place de Vosges, Montmartre, and then the overwhelming art of the Musee d’Orsay.

I visited the Sunday market in Suresnes with my cousin Jerome, and we had a great time drinking espresso with his friends, Fabien the butcher and Michel the vegetable seller.

I lived in Le Marais in the summer of 1974 and the winter/spring of 1985, so it was nice to return. I love Paris. It is a beautiful city, filled with art, great food and very stylish people. Montmartre is such a cool neighborhood-an incredible mix of tourist kitsch, cool street art, hip boutiqes, and edgy and touristy galleries. My aunt and uncle and cousins live there now.

With my family in Paris in Montmartre.

With my father and my cousin Jerome in front an apartment in Le Marais where I had lived and where my family has lived since the 1890s.

My Aunt Liliane with my father at a cafe on the Ile Saint-Louis which overlooks the Seine and the Notre Dame. My favorite spot in Paris.

I loved this public art in Montmartre


  1. Serge: This was great to watch, read. Thanks. Miriam

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