My New Surfboard: The Jay Novak Quad Squashtail– 80s Retro

My new custom Novak Surf Designs squashtail quad. 80s colors!

Just picked up a new board from Jay Novak of Novak Surf Designs. It is a 6’6″ x 2″ 3/4 x 21 3/8. This is really an old school squashtail template-the type of Simon Anderson designs I fell in love with when Thrusters first came out in the early 80s.


I’ve been riding Jay’s squashtail quads for close to 3 years, and he has helped me really get the shape I want dialed in.EPS foam along with Epoxy really helps me on the flotation and the key for me is width + thickness. I’m a big guy at 6’4″ and 201lbs so the extra flotation is key, especially with a full suit on.

I have another very similar 7’0″ shaped by Jay. It works incredibly well in bigger surf, especially waves with big open faces. I’m looking forward to surfing this one in Baja.

I’m also a big believer in color. And all my boards right now are either electric 80s colors (think Potz!!!) or a cool 70s era forest green and yellow. I have the Futures Rusty quad fins in this one. Hope they work well. Experimenting with correct fin size is key to getting the quad dialed in.

I don’t know anything about surfboard design. I know what I like and what works. Luckily I have Jay to work with who knows how I surf and can work with me to experiment and get these right. That is the key to having boards work correctly. You have to work with an experienced shaper who really knows how you surf.


Novak Designs quad. These are the Futures Rusty quad fins.

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