The Baja Bust

A signed for the failed Trump Baja project.

What was the Baja Boom is now the Baja Bust. Yesterday on a trip to visit our office in Ensenada, I counted 24 empty or abandoned high rise buildings between Tijuana and Ensenada.

It is unlikely that most of these projects will ever be revitalized.

The proposed Trump Baja tower that was to be located near a sewage river.

The big question is–why would anyone want to buy a condo on a high rise tower in Baja with a view that oversees garbage and graffiti everywhere. And plus–who wants to travel to northern Baja when there is literally almost no place to actually have access to the coast.

Until the authorities in Baja start dealing with the issues of urban decay and start making things look nice–as well as assure that the public –including tourists–can get to the beach, the Baja Bust is here to stay.

A Poster for a WiLDCOAST riff on the Trump Baja ads.

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