Saving Sea Turtles in Mexico

You don’t read that much about what is going on Mexico that is good. But I am lucky to have an incredible WiLDCOAST team in southern Mexico, Sergio and Natalia Flores, who are working to conserve sea turtle nesting beaches from the predations of poachers. The poachers steal the sea turtle eggs and sell them as a form of organic viagra.

Most of the nesting beaches are in the most conflict-ridden states of Mexico, Guerrero and Michoacan, so that doesn’t make stopping poaching easy.Oaxaca where a lot of nesting happens is not as prone to narco-violence.

These images are of the Guerrero State Eco-Police and olive ridley nesting in Ixtapilla, one of the more famous nesting beaches in Mexico.

Guerrero Eco-Cop protecting nesting sea turtle.

Eco-cops with poachers in Guerrero.

Olive ridley sea turtle in Ixtapilla, Mexico.

Kids helping to save sea turtle eggs in Ixtapilla.

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